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    Exploration of Medicine, a peer-reviewed, open access online journal, publishes articles that provide substantial and novel insights into medicine. The journal also welcomes submissions concerning the molecular and cell biological research of all human diseases. Submissions with good originality, well-designed experiments and rigorous data are particularly welcomed.
    From the Editor-in-Chief
    Medical research is becoming increasingly multi-disciplinary and molecular in scope, yet well-grounded clinical research is essential to understanding the relationship of molecular mechanisms with disease states and for the development of precision medicine. Exploration of Medicine seeks to report on research consistent with these trends and will fill an important niche that fosters the exchange of ideas and results among researchers across medical specialties. We welcome high quality papers that do not require major revisions resulting in fast publication times. We hope you enjoy Exploration of Medicine and look forward to receiving your submissions.
    Lindsay A. Farrer
    Editor-in-Chief of Exploration of Medicine
    Peer Review
    The journal adopts a single-blind peer review model. Under this model, author identities are known to reviewers, but reviewer identities are kept confidential. Authors are therefore encouraged to avoid explicit disclosure of their identities in their manuscripts. The Academic Editor may decide that a direct discussion between the author and the reviewer would be helpful in some cases. But the author and the reviewer shall not disclose their names to each other without explicit permission from both parties.
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