• Special Issue Topic

    Oral Health Interconnections and Multidisciplinary Approaches

    Submission Deadline: December 31, 2024

    Guest Editor

    Dr. Giuseppe Minervini E-Mail

    University of Campania

    Research Keywords: temporomandibular disorders; TED; temporomandibular joint; orofacial pain; dentistry; telemedicine; tele dentistry; implant; prosthesis; oral surgery

    About the Special Issue

    In the forthcoming special issue titled "Oral Health Interconnections and Multidisciplinary Approaches," we aim to explore the intricate connections between oral health and systemic health, underscoring the emerging evidence that oral health is not an isolated aspect but deeply intertwined with overall health and well-being. This special issue seeks to gather a collection of high-quality research articles, reviews, and case studies that shed light on how oral health impacts and is impacted by other systemic conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders, among others.

    Key Topics:

    • Epidemiological studies on the correlation between oral diseases and systemic health conditions.

    • Clinical research demonstrating the impact of oral health interventions on the management or prevention of systemic diseases.

    • Biological mechanisms underlying the links between oral health and systemic diseases, including microbial translocation, inflammation, and immune responses.

    • Technological innovations in diagnostics and treatment approaches that bridge dentistry with other medical fields.

    • Policy and public health perspectives on integrating oral health into general health guidelines and practices.

    • Case reports and reviews that provide insights into multidisciplinary management strategies for patients with concurrent oral and systemic health issues.

    Invitation to Submit: We invite researchers, clinicians, and practitioners from various disciplines, including dentistry, medicine, public health, and biomedical sciences, to contribute to this significant and expanding field of study. Submissions can include original research articles, comprehensive reviews, and insightful case studies that contribute to our understanding of the complex relationship between oral health and systemic diseases, as well as highlight innovative multidisciplinary approaches for addressing these challenges. This special issue represents an excellent opportunity for authors to share their findings with a global audience, contribute to a growing body of evidence supporting the systemic implications of oral health, and highlight the importance of collaborative approaches in healthcare. We are particularly interested in contributions that not only detail the problems but also offer solutions, interventions, and policy recommendations that can be implemented in practice.

    Keywords: oral health, systemic health, systemic diseases, dental health, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, multidisciplinary approaches

    Call for Papers

    Published Articles

    Open Access
    Systematic Review
    Debonding issues in orthodontics: an RCTs systematic review
    Background: This systematic review aims to critically assess the literature on the debonding process of orthodontic brackets from enamel surfaces. The review evaluates Randomized Controlled Trial [...] Read more.
    Francesca Gorassini ... Gabriele Cervino
    Published: July 05, 2024 Explor Med. 2024;5:477–491
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.37349/emed.2024.00233
    Times Cited: 0
    Open Access
    Case Report
    Creating smiles: a case study on the transformational power of dental CAD/CAM technology
    The integration of digital technologies like CAD/CAM systems and intraoral scanners is transforming the field of dentistry, providing numerous benefits for both patients and dental professionals. Th [...] Read more.
    Zeina Darwich ... Chadi Azmeh
    Published: June 28, 2024 Explor Med. 2024;5:459–466
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.37349/emed.2024.00231
    Times Cited: 0
    Open Access
    Original Article
    The professional interactions between speech language therapist and dentist
    Aim: This study investigates the collaborative efforts between speech language therapists and dentists to address the challenges faced by patients with concurrent dental and speech issues. It und [...] Read more.
    Martina Costanzo ... Ilenia Campione
    Published: June 25, 2024 Explor Med. 2024;5:434–443
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.37349/emed.2024.00229
    Times Cited: 0