• Exploration of Asthma & Allergy

    EiC: Canonica, Giorgio Walter, MD, Humanitas University
    Co-EiC: Heffler, Enrico, MD, PhD, Humanitas University
    Frequency: Bimonthly
    APC: No Article Processing Charge
    Publishing Model: Open Access
    Peer Review Model: Single Blind
    Indexing & Archiving: Portico
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    From the Editor-in-Chief
    I accepted to be Editor-in-Chief of Exploration of Asthma and Allergy with enthusiasm for several reasons:
    - although quite a few journals in the field are publishing papers of interest I realized a new initiative, as Exploration, could be leading innovation in terms of basic and clinical science integration, application of new technologies to clinical research and data analysis, proposal of new visions derived from original data.
    - nowadays a multidisciplinary approach and integration of knowledge is, and it will further become, crucial in a fruitful management of our patients: we will focus on
    - integration of Evidence Based Medicine with Real World data will indicate how best evaluate and outline clinical and therapeutic approaches.
    The intent is to Explore, at our best, to provide scientific support to a better life of our patients.
    Giorgio Walter Canonica
    Editor-in-Chief of Exploration of Asthma & Allergy
    "It's really a great pleasure to serve as Editor-in-Chief of Exploration of Asthma & Allergy (EAA) as this newly created journal is set to become a benchmark in the field of allergy and asthma." Said Prof. Heffler. "The journal aims to host high quality articles in the various fields of allergology (respiratory, skin, anaphylaxis, drug and food allergy ...) with a particular focus on asthma. I strongly believe that the contribution of the allergological scientific community will be instrumental in increasing knowledge and implementing clinical practice, and a journal like this is a good point of collection for such evidence."
    Enrico Heffler
    Co Editor-in-Chief of Exploration of Asthma & Allergy
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