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    Calcium Signaling Apparatus in Cancers
    Submission Deadline: May 31, 2021

    Guest Editor

    Dr. Zui Pan E-Mail

    College of Nursing and Health Innovation, The University of Texas at Arlington, TX, USA

    Research Keywords: esophageal cancer; calcium signaling; store-operated calcium entry; live cell imaging; chemotherapy

    About the Special Issue

    Dysregulated intracellular Ca2+ signaling is associated with the development of malignant phenotypes. Cancer cells remodel their Ca2+ signaling apparatus to enhance proliferation, to increase cell motility and invasion, to resist apoptosis, to escape from immune-attack, or to have neovascularization. There has been an increasing awareness that tumorigenic pathways are associated with altered expression or abnormal activation of Ca2+ channels, transporters or Ca2+-pumps. Targeting the altered Ca2+ signaling apparatus to develop new anti-cancer drugs is emerging, yet many challenges remains. Intracellular Ca2+ homeostasis plays important role in normal physiology and cell functions; thus, it is important to identify the cancer specific properties of the Ca2+ apparatus. Different cancers or different stages during tumor development may present distinct different alteration in Ca2+ signaling apparatus. More specific, more potent and less off-target compounds targeting Ca2+ channels/transporters/pumps are urgently needed.
    This special issue will highlight the current state of diverse molecular mechanisms of intracellular Ca2+ involved in cell proliferation, apoptosis, migration, invasion, or angiogenesis in different cancers. It will also discuss developing effective novel cancer treatment targeting Ca2+ channels, transporters or Ca2+-pumps.

    Keywords: calcium channels; cell proliferation; apoptosis; migration; metastasis; transcription factors; chemotherapy

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