• To Be a Reviewer

    All articles of the journal, except for some Editorials released by the Editors, are subject to a fair and rigorous single-blind peer review, which ensures the high standard of published articles. The contribution each reviewer made is invaluable and significant to build a high quality journal. Hence, the editorial office is always seeking capable and motivated scholars to join us.

    To qualify, you should

    ★ hold a PhD degree;

    ★ have published articles in peer-reviewed journals;

    ★ possess considerable expertise in your research field;

    ★ have a strong sense of responsibility considering time and effort the review takes.

    Review work is often unseen given its confidentiality, and therefore we endeavor to make it a rewarding experience that benefits your own research and your career. To become a reviewer,

    ★ you can keep up to date on developments in the field through the review work;

    ★ you can enhance your expertise in the field and expand your knowledge;

    ★ you can add review records to enrich your Publons profile, and the records will be verified by the journal;

    ★ you will be recognized in the annual reviewer acknowledgment;

    ★ you will get a chance to join the editorial board for your outstanding review work. 

    If you are interested in being a reviewer, please send your CV to etatjournal@explorationpub.com. We suggest your CV include your personal information, education background, research background, areas of special interest or expertise, publications, academic appointment, reviewer experience if any. We will reply to your application as soon as possible. 

    We would also appreciate it if you could recommend your friends or colleagues who may enjoy being voluntary reviewers.

    If you want to know more about the peer review of the journal, please see Peer Review Guidelines.