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    Cytokines and Skin Diseases

    Submission Deadline: July 15, 2023

    Guest Editor

    Dr. Masutaka Furue E-Mail

    Emeritus professor, Kyushu University, Fukuoka, Japan

    Research Keywords: Atopic dermatitis, aryl hydrocarbon receptor, antioxidant, melanoma, skin disease, dioxin

    About the Special Issue

    The skin is the outermost organ of body. To maintain the homeostatic stability and sustainability of interface between internal and external atmosphere, the skin is equipped with specialized surface barrier and immune surveillance systems. Like other organs, cytokines are indispensable tools for communication in these skin systems. Recent advancement in skin immunology reveals that dysregulation of skin-associated cytokine-tissue interaction causes various inflammatory skin diseases. One of the clear evidence is psoriasis vs IL-23/IL-17A and TNF-α axes, which is verified by an excellent therapeutic efficacy of biologics against IL-23, IL-17A and TNF-α in psoriasis. Such pathogenic implication is now accumulating in other skin diseases, for example, atopic dermatitis and IL-4/IL-13 axis, pruritus and IL-31 axis, and hidradenitis suppurativa and TNF-α axis. In this special issue, we would like to welcome original and review articles which deal with interaction between cytokines and skin diseases.

    Keywords: Cytokines, skin immunology, skin diseases

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    Published Articles

    Open Access
    Herpes simplex virus-mediated skin infections: cytokines and its interplay
    The skin, as the first physical barrier for invading pathogens, also serves as an immunologically active organ. Breaching the skin barrier is thus essential for pathogens to enter the body. The skin [...] Read more.
    Aparna Mukhopadhyay ... Debprasad Chattopadhyay
    Published: June 30, 2024 Explor Immunol. 2024;4:394–413
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.37349/ei.2024.00148
    Times Cited: 0
    Open Access
    Original Article
    STIM/Orai-mediated calcium entry elicits spontaneous TSLP overproduction in epidermal cells of atopic dermatitis mice
    Aim: Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a pruritic, chronic inflammatory skin disease. Thymic stromal lymphopoietin (TSLP) is highly expressed in the epidermis of patients with AD and induces T helper 2 ( [...] Read more.
    Masanori Fujii ... Susumu Ohya
    Published: June 11, 2023 Explor Immunol. 2023;3:174–185
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.37349/ei.2023.00096
    Times Cited: 0
    Open Access
    Role of tyrosine kinase 2 signals during progression of psoriasis
    Psoriasis is a skin disease characterized by scaly erythema, parakeratosis, and epidermal hyperplasia. Application of imiquimod (IMQ), a ligand for Toll-like receptor 7, produces a mouse model for psoriasis. IMQ application induce [...] Read more.
    Ryuta Muromoto ... Tadashi Matsuda
    Published: December 27, 2022 Explor Immunol. 2022;2:760–770
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.37349/ei.2022.00081
    Times Cited: 0