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    Greening Drug Manufacturing for a Sustainable Healthcare

    Submission Deadline: April 30, 2024

    Guest Editors

    Prof. Alessandra Tolomelli E-Mail

    Associate professor Department of Chemistry “G.Ciamician”, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

    Research Keywords: organic synthesis; small molecule ligands; adhesion molecules; peptides; oligonucleotides

    Prof. Walter Cabri E-Mail

    Full professor of organic chemistry at the Department of Chemistry “Giacomo Ciamician”, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy

    Research Keywords: green chemistry; pharmaceutical processes; oligopeptides; oligonucleotides; palladium; drug discovery; drug development

    About the Special Issue

    The increasing attention to the problem of environmental impact of human activities, with the aim to reduce pollution and curb climate change, requires the revision of all the chemical processes. 

    If, in some cases, the use of alternative materials in place of pollutant compounds may be suggested, for what concerns drugs no structural changes can be done on pharmaceutical active ingredients’ structures. 

    Thus, greening the manufacturing processes represents the exclusive route that can be followed to increase sustainability. Moving from traditional industrial protocols to new methodologies, able to limit the use of solvents, excess of reagents and energy consumption, affording anyway the required grade of purity, is the major challenge in this context. Although modifying already settled processes involves the need for a great work in terms of regulatory issues, many companies are exploring new green processes to replace old ones.

    Moreover, the goal of a modern and environmentally friendly approach to chemical processes in pharmaceutical industry may also lead to a decrease in production costs and open access to affordable healthcare for to third world countries. 

    This special issue calls contributions both from academia and industry, aiming to collect models of sustainability in the production of pharmaceutical treatments.

    Keywords: green chemistry, pharmaceutical processes, oligopeptides, oligonucleotides, palladium, drug discovery, drug development

    Call for Papers

    Published Articles

    Open Access
    Seaweed: a sustainable solution for greening drug manufacturing in the pursuit of sustainable healthcare
    The environmental impact of drug manufacturing raises concerns about sustainability in healthcare. To address this, exploring alternative approaches to drug production is crucial. This review focuse [...] Read more.
    Leonel Pereira, João Cotas
    Published: February 27, 2024 Explor Drug Sci. 2024;2:50–84
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.37349/eds.2024.00036