• Guest Editor Guidelines

    To promote the visibility of our journal and offer a fresh perspective on a variety of topical issues in drug research, we regularly recruit potential Guest Editors for theme issues suggested by the Editors and Editorial Board Members. These guidelines are intended to assist in selecting a theme and preparing a proposal for a Special Issue, as well as outline the responsibilities of a guest editor.

    Selecting a Theme for a Special Issue

    In addition to a topic suggested by the Editor-in-Chief, you may also propose any theme for a Special Issue that fits within the scope of the journal. The theme of the Special Issue must be of high current interest and broad enough to attract a reasonable number of submissions, but narrow enough to keep a strong focus for the Special Issue.

    Preparing a Proposal for a Special Issue

    Potential Guest Editors will be identified by the editorial board or may be recommended by experts in particular fields that are within the purview of Exploration of Drug Science. Those wishing to guest edit a Special Issue should submit a proposal to the editorial office at: edsjournal@explorationpub.com

    The proposal should include:

    ★ current CV and brief bibliography (including visibility on the topic in question, and editorial experience) of Guest Editor;

    ★ names and contact information for up to two co-Guest Editors, if any;

    ★ the proposed topic and number of articles to be solicited for the Special Issue;

    ★ background and significance of the theme for the Special Issue;

    ★ scope of the Special Issue and six succinct keywords that reflect the key themes of the issue;

    ★ a list of potential contributors (if any);

    ★ tentative timetable for soliciting manuscripts and completing peer-review of contributed papers

    Proposals for Special Issues will be evaluated by Editor-in-Chief in consultation with the Editorial Board within two weeks upon receipt.

    Expectations of Guest Editors

    ★ Draft a Call for Papers invitation letter (The editorial office will provide template letter which the Guest Editor may modify).

    ★ Circulate the Call for Papers within your own personal networks, social media groups, and at any relevant conferences or workshops you may attend.

    ★ Offer a list of 50 scholars (including email addresses) who may be interested in submitting a paper for your Special Issue.

    ★ Recruit a sufficient number of papers for the Special Issue (at least 6 accepted articles are required for the issue).

     Ensure that all solicited manuscripts are submitted within the agreed time frame.

    ★ Oversee the peer review process (with assistance from the editorial office), make decisions on special issue articles, and ensure the quality of the papers for the Special Issue. Please note that all accepted articles, including Special Issue articles, should be approved by the Editor-in-Chief before official acceptance.

    What the Editorial Office Will Do to Assist and Reward Guest Editors

    ★ Display Special Issue information on the journal website to attract potential authors.

    ★ Circulate a Call for Papers to the Editorial Board, targeted mailing lists and social media platforms.

    ★ Once the Special Issue is published, promote the visibility of the issue among the Editorial Board, through targeted mailing lists, and on our social media platforms. 

    ★ Gratis PDF copies of the Special Issue (with profile of Guest Editor(s) on the cover page) will be sent to Guest Editor(s). 

    ★ Guest Editors will be awarded a Certificate in acknowledgment of their editorial work.

    Benefits of Guest Editor

    If you serve as a Guest Editor for a Special Issue, you will benefit from: 

    ★ Valuable editorial experience to include in your CV.  

    ★ Visibility through a profile of each Guest Editor in the Special Issue page on our website, including an outline of career, current work, and contact details. 

    ★ Invitation to join the Editorial Board. 

    We cannot guarantee that all submitted papers will be accepted and they will have to go through the single blind review process required for all manuscripts submitted to the journal.

    Please send your ideas, inquiries, or issue proposal to edsjournal@explorationpub.com.