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    Inflammatory responses involved in post-cardiac arrest brain injury: mechanisms, regulation, and therapeutic potential
    Neuroinflammation plays a key role in the pathogenesis of post-cardiac arrest (CA) brain injury. Innate immune cells sense a variety of danger signals through pattern-recognition receptors and evoke [...] Read more.
    Yuzhen Zhang ... Kaibin Huang
    Published: April 26, 2023 Explor Neurosci. 2023;2:82–97
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.37349/en.2023.00014
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    Metabolic correction of neurodegenerative pathologies: the role of macronutrients and timing
    Despite decades of intensive research, effective treatment and prevention strategies for neurodegenerative diseases (NDDs) remain elusive. This review focuses on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s dise [...] Read more.
    Yuri Zilberter, Tanya Zilberter
    Published: April 21, 2023 Explor Neurosci. 2023;2:67–81
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.37349/en.2023.00013
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    The effect of the tumour necrosis factor-alpha-inhibitor etanercept on microglial activation patients with mild cognitive impairment—a PET study
    Aim: Microglial activation is increasingly recognised as a factor in the progression of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and may be modified by systemic inflammatory signals including serum tumour necrosis factor (TNF)-α. The aim was t [...] Read more.
    Alexander Gerhard ... Clive Holmes
    Published: March 26, 2023 Explor Neurosci. 2023;2:52–66
    DOI: https://doi.org/10.37349/en.2023.00012
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