• Special Issue Topic

    Oxidative Stress and Diabetes – Remedies through Functional Food

    Submission Deadline: July 30, 2024

    Guest Editor

    Viduranga Y. Waisundara  E-Mail

    Deputy Principal, Australian College of Business & Technology – Kandy Campus, Kandy, Sri Lanka.

    Research Keywords: antioxidants; diabetes; functional food; traditional medicinal systems

    About the Special Issue

    Oxidative stress has been identified as one of the root causes of diabetes. There has been evidence surfacing for several decades through systematic research, that complementary therapy using antioxidant-rich supplementation (either in the form of dietary or pharmaceutical means) has been able to mitigate many of the complications in diabetes originating through oxidative stress pathways. Functional food products have always been touted as a holistic source of curbing or managing oxidative stress-related diabetes complications.

    The scope of this special issue is to provide an update as to the antioxidant-rich food products which are touted as controlling oxidative stress levels in diabetes. Research work which focus particularly on in vivo and clinical investigations will be considered as key within this scope. At the same time, elucidation and structural characterization of bioactive products which have demonstrated antioxidant activity in diabetic models of in vitro studies will also be considered.

    Through this special issue, it is hoped that research work which are able to highlight the positive aspects of complementing functional food together with conventional anti-diabetic treatments can be illuminated on a positive note. After all, diabetes is a global pandemic which warrants critical attention and through the current research work, it is possible that many of the diseases which have an oxidative stress-related origin can be treated and managed in the same manner.

    Keywords: antioxidants; diabetes; functional food; oxidative stress

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