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    The Impact of Digitalization To Improve Nutrition and Self-Management in Patients With Diabetes

    Submission Deadline: August 01, 2024

    Guest Editor

    Peter Schwarz E-Mail

    Head of Department of Bereich Diabetologie & Versorgung and professor at the Dept. of Medicine III, Medical Faculty Carl Gustav Carus, TU Dresden, Germany.

    Research Keywords: digitalisation; chronic care management; diabetes; type 2 diabetes; prevention

    About the Special Issue

    Dear Colleagues,

    Digitalization is progressing currently significantly, triggered by our experience with the pandemic but also due to technical and software achievements to become better to address individual needs of the patient digital tools become a growing place in the management of patient in this chronic diseases and especially type 2 diabetes. There is a significant potential to place digital tools into the care pathways of diabetes patients (and other with chronic diseases) and to provide an autarkic impact to improve the outcome of our patients. There are veriest technology’s focussing on documentation, feedback, motivation and messaging, education of purposes but especially supporting the behaviour of patient for empowerment for better self-management den decision making. Furthermore clinical decision support systems receive growing attention in clinical care, but also artificial intelligent based system help to perform better procedures, and hands stratification of risk and to support professional decision making.

    As often in such a growing innovative environment deep evidence is missing, guidelines are not including this procedures due to lack of study’s and positive as well as negative results are not perceived from the clinical community as fast as the field is growing. Therefore we decided to establish this special issues “digitalisations supporting management of type 2 diabetes and other chronic diseases”. We would like to provide a platform to communicate results of your research into digitalisation, but also to give an overview about potential and barriers in the field, enabling to share research protocols and to inform about the application of artificial intelligence in chronic disease management. Finally we would like to follow guideline development into digitalization in chronic diseases.

    You’re warmly invited if you are doing research in this field, if you under process of licensing digital products or involved in developing standards recommendations and guidelines in the field to publish your results and experiences in this special issue. We would like to make this issue as landmark issues for everyone working in the field of digitalization in chronic disease management.

    Furthermore a new field is involving in the evaluation of digital tools retrying new and innovative research protocols.

    I’m very keen to read your manuscript and to publish together with you this special issue on a very innovative and involving topic in medical care.

    Sincerely yours

    Peter Schwarz

    Prof. Dr. Peter Schwarz

    Guest Editor

    Keywords: digitalization; type 2 diabetes; digital intervention; digital tools; apps; clinical decision support systems; navigation guidance; chronic disease management; artificial intelligence; interoperability

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