• Aims and Scope

    Exploration of Drug Science is a peer-reviewed, open access online journal, covering all this process from the first idea in the laboratory to the drug already in the market. Drug Science is a multi-vector scientific activity with a great impact on society. Thus, apart from the scientific fact, the discovery of a new drug can save many lives or restore or improve social health and well-being. The journal considers the following topics:

    ★ Therapeutics strategies

    ★ Target discovery and validation

    ★ Medicinal chemistry

    ★ Computational chemistry, cheminformatics, and bioinformatics

    ★ High-throughput synthesis and screening; related technologies

    ★ Omics

    ★ Pharmacology

    ★ Toxicology

    ★ Preclinical research

    ★ Chemical entities, biologics, biologic treatments

    ★ Orphan drugs

    ★ Vaccines

    ★ Drug repurposing

    ★ Drug resistance

    ★ Drug delivery, including nanotechnologies

    ★ Clinical phases

    ★ Industry analysis and market studies

    ★ Patents and intellectual property

    ★ Pharmacoeconomics