• Editor-in-Chief

    Eugenio Picano, PhD, MD

    Research Director at Italian National Research Council,CNR, Italy.
    Email: eugeniopicanoeditorinchief@gmail.com
    Associate Editors

    Maria Grazia Andreassi, PhD

    Interests: genetics; molecular epidemiology; congenital heart disease; atherosclerosis; medical ionizing radiation
    Research Director of CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology, Pisa, Italy.

    Branko Beleslin, PhD, MD

    Interests: non-invasive and invasive diagnostics; ischemic heart disease; CV prevention; coronary interventions; imaging
    Head of PhD program Investigations in Cardiovascular medicine at Medical faculty, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia.

    Andrea Borghini, PhD

    Interests: cardiovascular genetics and epigenetics; molecular epidemiology; radiobiology
    Researcher at Institute of Clinical Physiology - National Research Council (IFC-CNR), Pisa, Italy.

    Jelena Čelutkienė, PhD, MD

    Interests: public health; circulatory system diseases; advanced heart failure; acute heart failure; cardiac shock wave therapy
    Professor and Chief Researcher at Faculty of Medicine, Clinic of Cardiac and Vascular Diseases, Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania.

    Ana Djordievic-Dikic, PhD

    Interests: stress echocardiography; coronary pathophysiology; microcirculation; chronic coronary syndrome; cardiomyopathy
    Professor at Cardiology Clinic University Clinical Center Serbia, Medical Faculty University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia.

    Miodrag Ostojic, MD

    Interests: ischemic heart disease; stable and acute; prevention and epidemiology; stress echocardiography; myocardial revascularization; interventional cardiology
    Emeritus Professor at Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia.

    Karina Wierzbowska-Drabik, PhD, MD

    Interests: echocardiography; diastolic function; strain echocardiography; stress tests; coronary artery disease
    Professor of Department of Internal Diseases and Clinical Pharmacology, Medical University of Lodz, Lodz, Poland.