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  • Prof. Maryam Tabrizian Appointed Editor-in-Chief of Exploration of BioMat-X

    With great honor, we announce that Prof. Maryam Tabrizian has been officially appointed as the Editor-in-Chief of Exploration of BioMat-X (EBMX), a three-year post that takes effect in September 2022.

    主编图片.pngProf. Tabrizian is a Full Professor at Department of Biomedical Engineering at McGill University in Montreal. Her activity includes the development of engineered surfaces through physical, chemical, and biological modifications; the use of advanced nanoprocessing techniques to facilitate cell or protein-substrate interactions in biosensing applications; cell-implant interactions and multifunctional biointerfaces for biometric systems, controlled release systems, and bone engineering; as well as biomedical sensors, medical diagnosis and therapy, biomaterials and tissue engineering, biomolecular and cell engineering, etc.. She has published nearly 200 SCI papers that have received more than 10000 citations and more than 20000 reads. Maryam has given more than 110 invited lectures,14 patents, and over 350 communications. More information about Prof. Tabrizian can be found at https://orcid.org/0000-0002-5050-4480.

    I am very proud to announce launching Exploration of BioMat-X an open access journal Published by Open Exploration Publisher in the field of biomaterials. With a global vision of democratization of science and innovating in publishing high-quality research for global health, the aim is to attract renowned researcher from all horizons, nationalities, and cultures and allow them to disseminate the best of their research related to the biomaterials for free of charge. Exploration of BioMat-X is a multifaceted and multidisciplinary journal for a wide readership who are interested in various aspects of research in biomaterials. With this mind, the authors will be invited to self-criticizing their research and include the limitations of their study in their article. A rigorous peer-review process involving an international Editorial Board has been established to ensure that the high-quality requirement for publication in Exploration of BioMat-X will be met.

    Editor-in-Chief of Exploration of BioMat-X

    Exploration of BioMat-X aims to publish papers of the highest quality and significance in all areas related to biomaterials and will under the leadership of Prof. Maryam Tabrizian as well as with the full assistance from the editorial office at Open Exploration be dedicated to making the journal become an open and free platform that provides high quality research and comprehensive service to the scientific community.

    Best wishes to Exploration of BioMat-X and welcome to join us as readers, authors, reviewers and editors!

    September 13, 2022