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  • Benefits of Publishing with Us

    Applying an open access publishing model, Open Exploration builds a platform where everyone has immediate and free access to high quality online content, and our authors therefore get their works read, shared and cited, quickly and frequently.

    Strict Quality Control

    Each paper published by Open Exploration has undergone a strict review process including initial check, peer review and editors’ review. The review process holds the key to a trusted and quality source of academic content. We are committed to a professional peer review where expert reviewers are carefully selected to evaluate a manuscript thoroughly and fairly, which ensures the published content is always at a high standard. 

    Rapid and Professional Publication

    Open Exploration strives to shorten the publication time to make your article available to researchers and scientific community as rapidly as possible. We operate an initial check efficiently so you get feedback on the manuscript promptly and we endeavor to speed up review process without compromising the review quality. Apart from the speed, we also maintain a high standard of electronic publication to produce articles with accurate content and superior design.

    Authors Retain Copyright

    All articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY) license. Under this license, you as the author hold the copyright of your work.   

    Free Publication

    To attract high quality submissions and relieve the financial burden for researchers, Open Exploration provides authors with free publication service currently, since all journals are wholly financed by Open Exploration. There is no charge for submission, processing, and publication for authors. 

    Wide Promotion

    We make every effort to highlight your outstanding works: on our websites, quality and popular articles are displayed prominently, receiving constant exposure; fascinating posts of the newly published papers are released on social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, sparking off a wider debate; latest article updates are delivered promptly to subscribers and users through email or notification message, bringing more views; and your research may be discussed and promoted in academic meetings or conferences, gaining more attention.