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  • Dr. Graham Packham and Dr. Nicola Normanno Appointed Editors-in-Chief of Exploration of Targeted Anti-tumor Therapy

    Drs Graham Packham and Nicola Normanno have been appointed Editors-in-Chief of the Exploration of Targeted Anti-tumor Therapy (ETAT), a three-year post that takes effect in September 2019.

    ETAT aims to facilitate the fight against through exploration of the topics relating to targeted anti-tumor therapies. Drs Packham and Normanno will work together as Editors-in-Chief to cover a broad array of anti-tumor therapies and topics and complement each other in both background and research areas.


    Dr. Packham, Professor of Molecular Oncology at the University of Southampton, and Dr. Normanno, Chief of Cell Biology and Biotherapy Unit and Director of Translational Research Department at INT-Fondazione Pascale, have both published extensively in top-notch journals and have extensive experience in editing influential journals over the past decades.

    "It is a particularly exciting time to be involved in cancer research and I am delighted to take on the role of co-Editor-in-Chief of the new journal Exploration of Targeted Anti-Tumour Therapy." said Professor Packham. "The journal will provide a platform for publication of studies on all aspects of the development of targeted anti-cancer drugs and will appeal to a broad range of readers. I look forward to receiving submissions of your manuscripts describing cutting-edge research in this fast moving and important field."

    Professor Packham is a highly experienced research leader with an extensive track record in cancer research. He has published more than 180 patents and papers and has an H-index of 63. His current research is focused on analyzing the biology of malignant B-cell and the development of new drug approaches to target these neoplasms, and is supported by a Cancer Research UK Programme grant. He also has extensive experience in studying various types of solid tumors. He is a cofounder of Karus Therapeutics, a University of Southampton spin-out company involved in the development of novel therapeutics for cancer and inflammatory disease.


    Dr. Normanno is an expert in the areas of the role of growth factors and receptors of the EGF family in the pathogenesis of solid tumors; the use of antisense oligonucleotides and inhibitors of receptors in experimental models of molecular therapy of carcinomas; identification of markers of response or resistance to anti-EGFR agents. Normanno is the President of the International Quality Network for Pathology (IQN Path) and President Elect of the Italian Cancer Society (SIC), and member of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO), the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), the Italian Association of Medical Oncology (AIOM), and the Italian Cancer Society (SIC). He has authored more than 200 papers published in peer reviewed journals with an H Index of 66.

    "I am really honored to take on the role of co-Editor in Chief of this new journal, Exploration of Targeted Anti-tumor Therapy. Like many colleagues, I spent a large part of my professional life researching new cancer therapies. The efforts of the scientific community have allowed the development of targeted therapies to affect significantly the course of the main tumors." said Dr. Normanno. "In this scenario, ETAT wants to represent a platform for discussion and evaluation on all aspects related to the development of targeted therapies, from the identification of the target to its validation and clinical exploration, including the evaluation of biomarkers of activity and toxicity. We therefore await your contributions to build together a place of confrontation that favors scientific progress in the field of target therapies."

    The Exploration of Targeted Anti-tumor Therapy will be in extremely good hands with Graham Packham and Nicola Normanno as Editors-in-Chief. They are superb, energetic, and creative scholars who are leaders in their respective fields. This co-Editorship will ensure the delivery of the strong expectations of ETAT. Given the overlap in and distinctiveness of their areas of expertise, Dr. Packham and Dr. Normanno will work together to establish ETAT from its initiation, building a strong Editorial Board and enhancing the journal impact factor in the years to come.  

    Published: September 16, 2019