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    Cancer Diagnosis in the Digital Age

    Submission Deadline: September 30, 2023

    Guest Editor

    Mohammad Reza Saeb E-Mail

    Professor at Department of Polymer Technology, Faculty of Chemistry, Gdansk University of Technology, Gdansk, Poland.

    Research Keywords: biomaterials; healthcare; global burden of disease; nanomaterials; tissue engineering; bioprinting; drug delivery; modeling and simulation

    About the Special Issue

    The global transition from conventional to digital pathology introduced innovative technologies and dramatically changed the way cancer diagnosis looked like. Such a digital diagnostic era facilitates and empowers our capabilities in collection, analysis, and interpretation of data and clinical reports, more particularly deepens our understanding of mechanisms undertaking cancer metabolism. Advanced computer-aided diagnostic tools and protocols make excellent use of statistical analysis as well as imaging techniques to make more accurate cancer diagnosis. A combination of digital imaging and personalized medicine based on artificial intelligence (AI) nowadays enhances the predictability and repeatability of analyses, such that agreement between protocols and microscopic investigations alike has drastically been improved. Hybridization of digital techniques provides support for pathologists to personalize therapies to cancer patients, thereby enhances clinical treatment efficiencies through generalization and globalization of diagnostic reports in the global shift towards digital cancer monitoring and targeted cancer therapy. Although the field is progressively growing in terms of the number of available reports and papers, challenges associated with diversity of AI-based diagnostic protocols as well as complexity of cancer cases per person necessitates collection of more relevant and innovative investigations of digital monitoring and diagnosis of cancer. This Special Issue warmly welcomes researchers from research centers, hospitals, and industry who are dynamically dealing with digitization of cancer diagnosis protocols to publish their reports in this journal. All types of manuscripts are welcomed, pertinent to relevance and quality.

    Keywords: digital medicine; cancer diagnosis; artificial intelligence; healthcare; imaging; clinical treatments; pathology; statistical medicine

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