Androgen and growth hormone-STAT5b axis role in sexual dimorphism of NAFLD

Male Effect(s) Female Effect(s)
↓ Levels of androgen Associated with insulin resistance, T2DM, obesity, and NAFLD ↑ Levels of androgen Associated with the features of metabolic syndrome, NAFLD, and severe fibrosis
STAT5b-knockout male mice Postnatal growth-retardation;
↑ hepatic steatosis;
↑ PPARγ;
enhance insulin sensitivity to further increase lipogenesis
STAT5b-knockout female mice Near-normal postnatal growth
STAT5b inactivity in human Obesity ---- ----
Testosterone deficiency ↓ STAT5b ---- ----

↑ increased; ↓ decreased; ---- sex-balanced studies not available