Sample cannabis use patterns for sleep

Sleep and medical issues%Durations and frequency of use%
Sleep issues (N = 1,216)Length of sleep issue (N = 1,201)
Difficulty falling asleep82.2%Less than 3 years19.9%
Feeling tired the next day68.1%3–5 years15.1%
Waking during the night for no reason67.1%5 years or more64.9%
Difficulty going back to sleep61.6%Length of cannabis use for sleep (N = 1,200)
Difficulty functioning next day from poor sleep53.9%Less than 1 year30.2%
Waking too early39.6%1–3 years38.0%
Other sleep issues that make me feel tired24.8%3–5 years13.6%
Generally sleep well except the occasional night4.0%More than 5 years18.3%
Waking up during the night from noise or light0.0%Frequency cannabis used for sleep (N = 1,199)
Medical issues (N = 1,216)Every night68.0%
Heartburn/stomach issues79.4%A few times a week23.9%
Anxiety61.8%Once a week3.2%
Chronic pain48.5%A few times a month3.7%
Depression48.3%Once a month0.3%
Post-traumatic stress disorder28.6%Less than once a month0.9%
Sleep apnea15.5%