Genes discriminating between SCC and ADC

GeneFunctionUpregulation (SCC/ADC)Reference
DSC3Ca2+-dependent glycoprotein involved in cell adherenceSCC[22]
VSNL1 Neuronal Ca2+ sensor protein; tumour suppressor geneSCC[33, 34]
IRF6 Transcription factorSCC[35]
DST Cell adhesionSCC[36]
CLCA2Cell adhesion; tumour suppressorSCC[37]
PIGX Tumour suppressorSCC-
DSG3Cell adhesionSCC[3840]
LPCAT1 Cancer progression and metastasisADC[41, 42]
SLC6A10Neurotransmitter transporter; *pseudogene of SLC6A8ADC[43]
CGNTight junctionADC[21]

-: blank cell; Ca2+: calcium ion; *: pseudogene of its parent gene SLC6A8