• Aims and Scope

    Exploration of Neuroprotective Therapy (eISSN 2769-6510), a peer-reviewed, open access online journal. The journal publishes papers of the highest quality and significance in all areas related to Neurodegeneration/Neuroprotection/Neurorestoration, including authoritative assays on regulatory challenges. Priority is given to work providing translational advances, fundamental insights, authoritative opinions and novel perspectives. Both central and peripheral nervous systems are of interest to the journal. Appropriate topics include, but are not limited to, mechanisms of neurodegeneration, mechanisms of neuroprotection, neuron-glia interactions, pharmacological interventions in vivo and in vitro, evaluation of current therapies, therapeutic targets, epidemiological approaches, biomarkers, imaging and diagnostic tools for assessing neuroprotection, brain drug penetrance and brain drug metabolism, natural products, non-pharmacological therapies including deep brain stimulation, and herbal-based therapy, gene therapy approaches antioxidants as neuroprotectants, regulatory challenges in approving neuroprotective drugs/interventions.