• About the Journal

    Aims and Scope

    Exploration of BioMat-X (eISSN 2996-9476), a peer-reviewed open access online journal. The journal publishes papers of the highest quality and significance in all areas related to biomaterials. Since research in biomaterials field is very multidisciplinary and cross-disciplinary, Exploration of BioMat-X will cover a variety of subjects related to biomaterials including bulky to nanoscale biomaterials, surface and biointerface development and characterization, fundamental to applied research, as well as the clinical translation of the research in these areas.

    Authors are invited to submit their original manuscript of significance importance related to the following research topics:

    ★ Biocompatible polymers, bioceramics, metals and biocomposites

    ★ Cell-material interaction

    ★ Biological biomaterials in vitro, ex-vivo and in vivo

    ★ Biodegradable biomaterials

    ★ Bio-inspired biomaterials

    ★ Biocompatible surface and biointerfaces

    ★ Gene silencing

    ★ Smart biomaterials

    ★ Nano(bio)materials

    ★ Nanotherpeutics

    ★ Wound dressing

    ★ Self-assembly of biomolecular materials

    ★ Gene/Drug delivery systems

    ★ Scaffolds

    ★ Tissue engineering

    ★ Hydrogels, microgels and nanogels

    ★ Nano and micro bioengineering

    ★ Immunoengineering

    ★ Molecular imaging

    ★ Single cell analysis

    ★ Characterization and application Biomaterials and biointerfaces

    ★ Regenerative medicine

    ★ Nanomedicine

    ★ Nanobiotechnology

    ★ Bioprocessing

    ★ Biomanufacturing

    ★ Biomedical Devices

    ★ Fiber biomaterials

    ★ 3D printing of Biomaterials

    ★ Implants

    ★ Artificial organs

    ★ Biomaterial and biointerface sensing and imaging

    ★ Disease modeling using biomaterials

    ★ Biomaterial related infection

    Publication Frequency

    Exploration of BioMat-X is a bimonthly journal and published in February, April, June, August, October, December. All accepted articles will be published immediately after production. Readers can access the content as quickly as possible, and the paper can be cited immediately.

    Open Access

    The journal provides immediate open access to all published content. Everyone can enjoy free and unrestricted use of these published content under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY) license. More information can be found at Open Access.



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    Peer Review

    The journal adopts a single-blind peer review. Except for some Editorials released by the Editors, all manuscripts will undergo a strict review to assess their novelty, validity and significance, etc. More information can be found at Peer Review Policy and Peer Review Guidelines. For the whole editorial process, please refer to Editorial Process.

    Permanent Archive

    To ensure long-term digital preservation, all the published articles will be archived on Portico platform. Authors are encouraged to deposit their articles in PubMed Central and Europe PubMed Central, or other appropriate funding body's archive.


    The journal is owned and published by Open Exploration Publishing.