Parameter description and their baseline values with references

αNet calcium influx rate through plasma membrane0.04 μM/s[38]
βMaximum SOCE influx rate0.520 μM/sestimated
γMaximum influx of Ca2+ through TRPC1 channel0.0001/sestimated
δ[Ca2+]ER leaking rate0.0014/sestimated
ξCa2+ export through NCX7/sestimated
p1Maximal flux through IP3R2 channel0.01747 μM/sestimated
q1IP3R2 channel’s half-saturation constant0.0518 μMestimated
p2Maximal flux through SERCA1 channel3.6926 μM/sestimated
q2SERCA1 channel’s half-saturation constant0.1 μM[39]
p3Maximal flux through PMCA2 channel7.34 μM/s[34]
q3PMCA2 channel’s half-saturation constant1.5 μM[34]
cesCalcium concentration in extracellular space1000.1812 μM[40]
ksSTIM1 ER Ca2+ affinity50 μM[34]
τsSOCE timescale30.1752 s[34]