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  • New Journal Proposal

    Publishing with Open Exploration

    As an open access journal publisher, Open Exploration is actively exploring new opportunities and collaborations to launch new academic journals covering medicine-related subject areas. We would be delighted to provide information on the support we can offer to any individuals interested in launching a new journal with Open Exploration (as Editor-in-Chief or Senior Editor).

    Submitting a New Journal Proposal

    If you are interested in launching a new journal, please prepare a formal journal proposal with the following information and send it as a Word file or PDF to cooperation@explorationpub.com. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, including on the preparation of the formal proposal.


    A proposed journal name and alternate suggested titles (please check these proposed titles do not already exist). A novel and unique title for a new journal is preferred.

    Aims and Scope

    A tentative aims & scope of the journal. Please also give a list of topics in the journal’s scope and indicate disciplines or sub-disciplines covered.

    Overview of the Journal Field

    Please describe the background to the proposal in terms of the current and future development of the field. Information on existing journals in similar or related fields (including their age, frequency of publication, impact factor, publisher, and annual number of published papers if known), should also be provided to aid evaluation of the feasibility of this new proposal. It will be useful if important societies, conferences, and meetings related to the field were listed.

    Rationale for the New Journal

    Please explain the necessity and significance of the new journal. For example:

    ★ Why is the new journal needed?

    ★ What distinguishes your potential journal from any competitors (its uniqueness)?

    ★ What will it provide for researchers and academic communities?

    ★ How confident are you of not only finding an audience for the journal, but also of receiving sufficient high quality submissions?

    Editorial Board

    A detailed Curriculum Vitae of the proposed Editor(s)-in-Chief, including name, affiliation, full mailing address, email address, research interests, scientific achievements, publication record, membership and previous experience (including, previous editorial experience) and standing in the community.

    Journal details with potential editorial structure and proposed board members with brief biographies, area of expertise, and affiliations, or any potential member lists. Since Open Exploration is an international publisher and its journal have an international outlook, we expect to see international scholars to develop a strong, enthusiastic, and effective editorial board.


    Please suggest frequency of publication (issues per year), length of journal (articles per issue), length of papers (words per paper), article type (e.g., original articles, reviews, commentaries, perspectives, etc.), and anticipated launch date.

    Please also indicate the details of the peer review procedure (e.g., single or double blind peer review) and expected rejection rate.

    Please provide the draft contents of the first two issues planned for a new journal (making clear whether contributors have agreed to contribute or not). If unavailable, a list of areas and authors you are planning to approach would be equally welcome.

    In addition, you need to consider:

    ★ Who are the intended audiences and expected contributors of the journal?

    ★ Which associations/societies would the readership and authorship belong to?

    ★ Which major international conferences would they attend?

    ★ How does the journal attract high-quality articles and authors?

    ★ Which disciplines that the reviewers are likely to come from?

    Publisher Services

    As the publisher, we would provide the proposer the following services:

    ★ Financial resources for launching and managing the journal;

    ★ A highly supportive journal editorial staff to support the whole process of peer reviewing, editing and publishing;

    ★ An international, professional publishing platform;

    ★ Sophisticated online peer review and editing system for authors, reviewers and editors;

    ★ Global promotion service.

    Please indicate any aspects of the publisher or publishing service you need.

    For any question or additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us at cooperation@explorationpub.com.