Successful recent preclinical studies of TME targeting ADCs

TargetTME componentADCPayloadTumour typesTranslation to clinic
LRRC15CAFABBV-085MMAFNSCLC, osteosarcoma, breast cancer, GBMPhase I trial in sarcoma and other advanced solid tumours (published 2021) [113]
FAPαCAFOMTX705 (+ ICI)TAM470 (MTI)NSCLC, TNBC, ovarian, pancreaticPending
TEM8Stromam825-MMAEMMAECRC, breast, lung, ovarian, pancreaticPending
TFStromaTF antibody-MMAEMMAEpancreaticPhase II trial (TV) in refactaory cervical cancer—positive (published 2021) [127]

CAF: cancer associated fibroblast; Eph: erythropoietin-producing hepatocellular carcinoma; FAPα: fibroblast activating protein α; LRRC15: leucine-rich repeat containing 15; MTI: microtubule inhibitor; TEM8: tumour endothelial marker 8; TF: tissue factor; TV: tisotumab vedotin; USAN: maytansine; +: plus