Ongoing studies

TrialPhaseSettingStagePatientsTreatmentPrimary end points
Beverly trial NCT02633189IIIMetastatic, first lineIV stage200Erlotinib + Bevacizumab vs. ErlotinibPFS
Brilliant trial NCT02655536IIMetastatic, first lineIV stage, brain metastases109Erlotinib + Bevacizumab vs. ErlotinibPFS
Ava-Ta trial NCT03126799IIMetastatic, first lineIV stage128Erlotinib + Bevacizumab vs. BevacizumabPFS
NCT02803203I/IIMetastatic, first lineIV stage50Osimertinib + BevacizumabPFS
BOOSTER NCT03133546IIMetastatic, second lineIV stage, T790M mutated155Osimertinib + Bevacizumab vs. OsimertinibPFS
ACCRU NCT02971501IIMetastatic, first lineIV stage, brain metastases112Osimertinib + Bevacizumab vs. OsimertinibPFS
OWONBNSCLCLM NCT04148898IIMetastatic, first lineIV stage, leptomeningeal metastases80Osimertinib + Bevacizumab vs. OsimertinibORR and iPFS
NCT04181060IIIMetastatic, first lineIV stage300Osimertinib + Bevacizumab vs. OsimertininibPFS
NCT03909334IIMetastatic, first lineIV stage, also in patients with brain metastases150Osimertinib + Ramucirumab vs. OsimertinibPFS
NCT02789345IMetastatic, first lineIV stage, T790M mutated74Osimertinib + Ramucirumab + NecitumumabDLTs

iPFS: intracranial progression-free survival