Main clinical trials of ADCs in endometrial and cervical cancer

TargetADCTrialPhaseSettingTreatmentPrimary endpointResults
HER2T-DM1NCT02675829 [83]IIHER2 pos tumors including endometrial cancerT-DM1ORRORR: 22%
NCT02465060 [84]IIHER2 pos including endometrial and ovarian cancerT-DM1ORRORR: 9%
FRαMirvetuximab soravtansineNCT01609556 [60]IFRα pos tumors including metastatic endometrial cancerMirvetuximab soravtansineMTD/RP2DORR: 0%
Trop2Sacituzumab govitecanIMMU-132-01
(NCT01631552) [85]
I/IIAdvanced epithelial cancer including endometrial, cervical and ovarian cancerSacituzumab govitecanSafety (phase I)
ORR (phase II)
ORR: 22.2%
TFTisotumab vedotinInnovaTV 204
(NCT03438396) [86]
IIPreviously treated recurrent or metastatic cervical cancerTisotumab vedotinORRORR: 24%
PFS: 4.2 months
InnovaTV 205
(NCT03786081) [87]
I/IIRecurrent or metastatic cervical cancer, first lineTisotumab vedotin + carboplatinDLT (phase I)
ORR (phase II)
ORR: 55%
PFS: 9.5 months
Recurrent or metastatic cervical cancer, second or third lineTisotumab vedotin + pembrolizumabDLT (phase I)
ORR (phase II)
ORR: 38%
PFS: 5.6 months