Active trials, both recruiting and not recruiting, testing the HER2 pathway

NCT Phase Status Tumors Line of treatment Target Experimental treatment Standard treatment Primary endpoints Sponsor
NCT03613168 2 Completed CCA 1 L HER2 Cis + Gem + trastuzumab N.A. ORR, AEs No-profit
NCT04430738 1/2 Recruiting CCA ≥ 1 L (not prior oxaliplatin) HER2 FOLFOX or CAPOX + tucatinib + trastuzumab N.A. AEs Profit
NCT03602079 1/2 Recruiting CCA NTA HER2 A166 (ADC targeting HER2) N.A. MTD, ORR Profit
NCT00004074 1 Completed eCCA and GBC NTA HER2 IL12 + trastuzumab N.A. MTD No-profit
NCT04660929 1 Recruiting CCA NTA HER2 CT-0508 (anti-HER2 CAR macrophages) N.A. Safety, tolerability and feasibility Profit
NCT04466891 2 Recruiting CCA ≥ 2 L HER2 Zanidatamab N.A. ORR Profit
NCT04579380 2 Recruiting CCA ≥ 2 L HER2 Tucatinib + trastuzumab N.A. ORR Profit
NCT03821233 1 Recruiting CCA NTA HER2 ZW49 N.A. AEs, safety Profit
NCT00005842 1 Completed CCA ≥ 1 L Trastuzumab + tipirfanib N.A. MTD, antitumor activity No-profit

We also reported three trials defined as “completed” on, whose results have never been published. CAPOX: capecitabine + oxaliplatin; CAR: chimeric antigen receptor; ADC: antibody-drug conjugate