Active trials, both recruiting and not recruiting, testing IDH and breast cancer gene (BRCA) inhibitors

NCT Phase Status Tumors Line of treatment Target Experimental treatment Standard treatment Primary endpoints Sponsor
NCT04088188 1 Recruiting CCA 1 L IDH1 Ivosidenib + Cis-Gem N.A. DLT Profit
NCT04521686 1 Recruiting CCA NTA IDH1 LY3410738 N.A. RP2D Profit
NCT02381886 1 Active, not recruiting CCA UNK IDH1 IDH305 N.A. DLT Profit
NCT03684811 1/2 Active, not recruiting CCA Phase 1: NTA Phase 2: 1 IDH1 Olutasidenib +/– Nivolumab or +/– Cis-Gem N.A. DLT, RP2D, ORR Profit
NCT02273739 1/2 Completed iCCA NTA IDH2 Enasidenib N.A. AEs, DLT Profit
NCT02496741 1/2 Completed iCCA All IDH1/2 Metformin + chloroquine N.A. MTD No-profit
NCT03878095 2 Recruiting CCA NTA IDH1/2 + PARP* Ceralasertib + olaparib N.A. ORR No-profit
NCT03212274 2 Recruiting CCA NTA IDH 1/2 Olaparib N.A. ORR No-profit
NCT03991832 2 Recruiting CCA 1–2 L IDH Olaparib + durvalumab N.A. ORR, DCR No-profit
NCT03207347 2 Recruiting CCA NTA DDR mutation Niraparib N.A. ORR Profit
NCT04306367 2 Recruiting CCA 2 L PARP* Pembrolizumab + olaparib N.A. ORR No-profit
NCT01282333 1 Terminated eCCA and gallbladder cancer 1 L BRCA1/2 Veliparib + Cis-Gem N.A. MTD No-profit

We also reported two trials defined as “completed” and another one defined as “terminated” on, whose results have never been published.

Not inclusion criteria; UNK: unknown; PARP: poly ADP-ribose polymerase; DDR: DNA damage repair