Active trials, both recruiting and not recruiting, with FGFR’s inhibitors described above

NCT Phase Status Tumors Line of treatment Target Experimental treatment Standard treatment Primary endpoints Sponsor
NCT03656536 3 Recruiting CCA 1 L FGFR2 rearrangement Pemigatinib Gem-Cis PFS Profit
NCT03773302 3 Recruiting CCA 1 L FGFR2 fusions/translocations Infigratinib Gem-Cis PFS Profit
NCT04093362 3 Recruiting iCCA 1 L FGFR2 rearrangement Futibatinib Gem-Cis PFS Profit
NCT04256980 2 Active, not recruiting CCA 2 L FGFR2 rearrangement Pemigatinib N.A. ORR Profit
NCT04083976 2 Recruiting CCA ≥ 2 L FGFR mutations/fusions Erdafitinib N.A. ORR Profit
NCT03230318 2 Recruiting iCCA 2 L FGFR2 fusion, mutation or amplification Derazantinib N.A. ORR Profit
NCT04233567 2 Recruiting CCA ≥ 2 L FGFR fusions, translocations or activating mutations Infigratinib N.A. ORR Non-profit
NCT04238715 2 Recruiting CCA 2 L FGFR2 fusion E7090 N.A. ORR Profit
NCT04353375 2 Not yet recruiting iCCA 2 L FGFR2 fusion HMPL-453 tartrate N.A. ORR Profit
NCT04565275 1/2 Recruiting CCA NTA FGFR alteration ICP-192 N.A. MTD, ORR, AE, OBD, RP2D Profit
NCT03144661 1 Terminated CCA NTA FGF19/FGFR4 INCB062079 N.A. Safety Profit
NCT04149691 1 Recruiting CCA NTA FGFR 1, 2, 3 alteration CPL304110 N.A. MTD, safety Profit
NCT03583125 1 Recruiting CCA NTA FGFR alteration EOC317 N.A. DLT Profit
NCT04526106 1 Recruiting CCA NTA FGFR2 fusion, mutation, or amplification RLY-4008 N.A. MTD, AE Profit

A “withdrawn” trial was excluded, stopped early because of a slow accrual (NCT04479904). AE: adverse event; DLT: dose-limiting toxicity; MTD: maximum tolerated dose; NTA: no treatment available; OBD: optimal biological dose; PFS: progression-free survival; RP2D: recommended phase 2 dose; L: chemotherapy line; N.A.: not applicable