Immunotherapies for glioblastoma

Serial No. Immune therapies Observations References
1 DCVax Higher levels of tumor-associated antigens on GBM cells or a GBM stem cell population were linked to prolonged overall survival and progression-free survival [96]
2 PD-1 antibody Treatment of malignancies melanoma, is used to block the immunological checkpoint. Immune checkpoint blockade, in contrast to employing CTL to fight cancer, shuts down the immune response in a way that allows depleted CTL to attack cancer [97]
3 MAbs (bevacizumab) Block tumor blood vessels from growing and are also used for the treatment of a variety of cancers, including GBM [102]
4 NCAMs Overexpression of NK-1R in glioma tumors has led to the development of NK-1R-targeted therapies for the treatment of glioma tumors [99]