Various types of nanoparticles with their beneficial attributes and limitations

Types of nanoparticles Beneficial attributes Limitations References
  • Low peripheral toxicity

  • Quick biodegrading synthetic polymer

  • Lower molecular weight

Lack of long circulating as drug carriers [91, 92]
  • High surface area to volume ratio

  • Apt for biosensing & drug delivery

  • Minimal toxicity

  • Excellent superparamagnetism, biocompatibility

  • Stability in aqueous solution

  • High permeability

  • Probability of contamination

  • Feeble bonding

FA combined with PEG Enhances FA receptor mediated targeting delivery
  • Insufficient drug release

  • Fast drug release

  • Unstable storage

PLA nanoparticles Sustained drug release period, biodegradable & biocompatible
  • Low cell adhesion biological inertness

  • Low degradation rate

  • Acid degradation by-products