Selected anti-cancer effects of Tan compounds in-vitro

Cancer type Cell line Pathways/molecules altered References
Astrocytoma Astrocytoma cells ↑Notch-1 [97]
Breast cancer MDA-MB-231, MCF-7 ↓HIF-1α, ↓VEGF [102] [16]
Bladder cancer BCa ↓EMT [15]
Cervical cancer HPV positive CaSki ↓E6 and E7, ↑p53 [19]
↓CYP2J2-mediated astemizole O-demethylation [19] [117]
Cervix carcinoma Stemness-like cancer cells ↓YAP mRNAs [98]
Colon cancer SW480 ↑E-cadherin, ↓vimentin and MMP-9 [118]
CRC ↓AMPK, ↑Skp2 [52]
Esophageal cancer EC-109 ↑caspase-4, ↑CHO [24]
Gastric cancer AGS ↓EGFR, ↓IGFR, ↓PI3K, ↓AKT, ↓mTOR, ↓NF-κB-p65, ↓COX-2 and MMP-2, -7 and -9 S, ↑p-p38, ↑p-JNK, ↑p53, ↑p21, ↑caspase-3 and caspase-8, ↑PARP
↓VEGFR, ↓HER2, ↓Ras, ↓Raf, ↓MEK, ↓ERK
[119] [58]
Gastric cancer SGC-7901 ↓Ki-67, ↓PCAN, ↓MMP-2, ↓MMP-9, ↓FOXM1, ↑P21 [69]
SNU-638 & MKN1 ↑Bcl-2, ↓caspase-3, ↓p-STAT3 [54] [37]
Glioma U251 ↓p-PI3K, ↓Bcl-2, ↓p-Akt, ↑Bax, ↑LC3B, ↑Beclin 1 [37]
Leukaemia APL C/EBPβ [99]
Liver cancer HepG2 ↓CYP2J2 activity [117]
HepG2 ↑LDLR, ↑p53, ↓HNF-1α, ↓Nec-1, ↓PCSK9 [53] [81]
Lung cancer A549 ↑Cleaved Caspase-3 and Bax, ↓VEGF, ↓VEGFR2, ↓p-PI3K, ↓p-Akt, ↓Bcl-2, ↓Caspase-3 protein [25] [26] [30] [31]
Melanoma A375 ↑Beclin-1, ↑LC3-II expression, ↓pPI3K, ↓p-AKT, ↓p-mTOR, ↓p-p7036k1 [41]
Oral cancer SCC-9 squamous carcinoma ↑ROS, ↑Beclin 1, ↑Atg5 [89] [90]
Ovarian cancer TOV-21G ↑TRAIL-induced apoptosis, ↑DR5, ↑ROS-JNK-CHOP, ↑miR-205, ↑Bcl-2 ↓Mcl-1L, ↓PI3K, ↓AKT, ↓JNK [43] [45]
Osteosarcoma 143B ↓Ki67, ↓PCNA [42]
MG-63 ↑Cleaved-PARP, ↑ROS, ↑Caspase-3, -8 and -9 [96]
PC PC-3 ↓Beclin1, ↓LC3-II [32]
LNCaP ↑maspin, ↑ARs [120]
PC12 ↓p-Akt, ↓p-ERK1/2, ↑p-FOXO3a, ↑c-Raf [121]

EMT: epithelial-mesenchymal transition; FoxM1: forkhead box M1; MMP-2: matrix metalloproteinase 2; MMP-9: matrix metalloproteinase 9