• Aims and Scope

    Exploration of Digital Health Technologies (EDHT) is a peer-reviewed open access online journal. The journal publishes papers of the highest quality and significance in all areas related to digital health. Published are both core digital health-related articles (e.g., research in telemedicine, in electronic patient records) as well as works involving digital applications in the more broad biomedical research area (e.g., social media research with relevance to public health, works involving digitally-empowered open innovation applications with biomedical significance, biomedical eLearning and eTeaching).


    Authors are invited to submit their original research or review manuscripts of significance related to the following research topics:

    ★ Biosensors

    ★ Bioengineering

    ★ Biomedical applications of robotics

    ★ Bioinformatics

    ★ eHealth and mHealth

    ★ Biomedical applications of open innovation

    ★ Virtual reality applications in healthcare

    ★ Digital applications enabling point-of-care testing

    ★ Biomedical applications of social media

    ★ Medical informatics

    ★ Health-related implications of smartphones

    ★ Precision medicine

    ★ Biomedical application of citizen science

    ★ Telemedicine and telehealth

    ★ Biomedical applications of internet research

    ★ Digital applications in clinical trials

    ★ Biomedical research using websites or search-engines derived data

    ★ eLearning and eTeaching in the context of biomedical knowledge

    ★ Digital applications with relevance to public health (including remote monitoring of health-related parameters, teleprevention,  teleepidemiology)

    ★ Applications of digitally enabled medical equipment

    ★ Biomedical applications of big data

    ★ Healthcare applications of 3D-printing

    ★ Outcomes of online surveys with biomedical significance

    ★ Research using electronic health records

    ★ Digital imaging with biomedical applications

    ★ Software development with biomedical applications

    ★ Biomedical applications of internet of things (IoT) and blockchain

    ★ Biomedical applications of wireless and mobile technologies

    ★ Applications of healthcare-related apps

    ★ Biomedical applications of artificial intelligence/ machine learning

    ★ Digital tools and technologies in healthcare

    ★ Wearables research

    ★ Health effects of the use of digital technologies

    ★ Biomedical applications of data science

    ★ Research involving video or audio data with biomedical significance

    ★ Applications involving serious games and other digital technologies for health-related education

    ★ Digital applications in healthcare management

    ★ Remote patient monitoring

    ★ Digital therapeutics

    ★ Digitally-enabled diagnostics