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    Psoriatic disease: from the skin to the musculoskeletal system and beyond

    Submission Deadline: July 31, 2024

    Guest Editor

    Prof. Carlos A. Guillen-Astete E-Mail

    Rheumatology Department, University Hospital Ramón y Cajal; Associated Professor at Biomedical Sciences Faculty at Universidad Europea de Madrid; Associated Professor at Medicine Faculty at Universidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid, Spain

    Research Keywords:  Spondyloarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, musculoskeletal ultrasound

    About the Special Issue

    Approximately one-third of patients with psoriasis develop musculoskeletal psoriatic disease within 10 years. It is now undeniable that exclusively cutaneous psoriatic disease has systemic repercussions and has been demonstrated specifically in the entheses, even long before local symptoms manifest.

    Although retrospectively, an association between the use of systemic treatments for cutaneous psoriatic disease and protection against the development of musculoskeletal disease has also been identified.

    Since skin manifestations are the first to appear, the focus of scientific attention falls on this group of patients. The aim of the research effort is to identify those patients at risk of developing other manifestations in order to treat them early.

    In the same way, multiple efforts have been directed toward identifying patterns of therapeutic response in musculoskeletal psoriatic disease both with simple and composite biomarkers and with imaging studies. The importance of predicting an optimal therapeutic response to certain treatments is paramount and is also the key to avoiding the development of irreversible structural complications.

    This special issue aims to bring together research initiatives aimed at studying the behavior of the locomotor system in patients with psoriatic disease from any perspective: biomarkers, questionnaires, or imaging studies.

    We welcome all innovative contributions, as well as new applications of previous knowledge in the study of the locomotor system of these patients to identify new tools that allow both early diagnosis and early detection of changes in the evolution of the disease.

    Keywords: Rheumatology, psoriatic disease

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    Relationship between tendon elastography and clinical and ultrasound enthesitis scores in patients with psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis
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